What is an FHO or femoral head ostectomy?

An FHO is a surgical procedure that removes a diseased or damaged hip, by removing the portion of the femur that normally forms the “hip joint” (the head and the neck of the femur). Over time, this creates a “false joint”, as scar tissue develops.

Why an FHO is needed?

This procedure may be needed for various reasons, such as severe hip arthritis, or fractures involving the hip. The goal of the procedure is to provide pain-free, comfortable mobility by removing bone-on-bone contact in the hip joint.

How can physical rehabilitation help?

An FHO is a common orthopedic procedure seen in therapy. Pursuing therapy post-operatively for an FHO is important for not only pain control, but is important for building strength in the entire limb, balance, and coordination while allowing the pet to build a normal range of motion as scar tissue forms.

What we offer at Indy Pet Core:

During therapy sessions, your therapist will utilize an array of therapeutic devices that will be provided for your pet.
We utilize non-pharmaceutical devices such as therapeutic laser, Assisi Technology, and therapeutic massage, which will aid in natural pain relief and healing for your pet.

We utilize many different types of land equipment used to target different muscles of the patient.

After the sutures are removed, the patient will start underwater treadmill therapy. Their time in the water will accumulate over time as they grow stronger. Our water is at a therapeutic level of 90 degrees, and we are able to control the water level, therefore making it easier and more comfortable on their joints as they walk.

Don’t forget, HOME EXERCISES!

Therapy doesn’t end at Indy Pet Core. Home exercises will be given and changed weekly to every other week as the therapist recommends, and how the patient is doing. A handout and/or video will be emailed to the owner, as well as a therapy session report regarding how the patient did that day, what they did well at, and what they need to improve on.