Scout has been coming to our facility, Indy Pet Core, since 4/19/19. She started her fitness routine off, weighing in at 83lbs, and being lordotic (sway back from being overweight). After her physical examination by Dr. Matt Cantrell, she was cleared to start her fitness sessions. Scout came every Friday, and during those days, she would do a variety of land exercises, such as push-ups, planks, army crawls, etc. She would also workout in the underwater treadmill, varying from a walk to a jog! Her fitness didn’t stop after her session here; she also pursued various home exercises to do on the days she didn’t go to therapy. These exercises included: sit-ups, army crawls, weaving during walks, cavaletti rails, and much more! Each week that Scout came in, we increased the difficulty of her exercises, including time added in the underwater treadmill. When Scout first started, she would quickly become tired and needed to take many breaks. Once she ended her sessions, she would flop down on the ground, exhausted, but always recovered well afterward!

She came every Friday for fitness until July of 2019, which by that point, she was down to 72 lbs! Scout moved to monthly therapy and continued to work hard at home. Her hard work paid off because, by November of 2019, she reached 66 lbs! Since losing that amount of weight, she was a much happier dog! She was able to go on longer walks, play ball, and perform all of her favorite activities that she wasn’t able to physically perform before. Scout’s owner was so thrilled with her progress that she decided to continue coming to therapy to help maintain Scout’s weight and also to get her energy out! From that day, Scout has maintained her ideal weight 66 lbs! We are very proud of her progress and success! To this day, Scout is still a rehab rockstar here at Indy Pet Core, coming in every month or so. Weight loss and fitness are not just important for you, but your pets! These fitness sessions are not just great for working your pet out physically, but it’s wonderful mental stimulation as well! We offer fitness packages as well as single sessions! These sessions are not just for dogs, we would love to see your cats too!

5/24/19 (5 weeks in)
11/22/19 (66lbs!)