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When a pet has a behavior problem, the consequences can be far-reaching in your home. Behavior problems threaten the bond you have with your pet by damaging the loving relationship that should exist between you. We’re here to get things started off on the right foot.

We offer a wide range of options.

Pawsitive Beginnings Socialization Class

Socialization is fun! Socializing correctly is such an important concept to set your puppy up for success in life! This four-week course is all about teaching your puppy what the human world’s social norms are so they can respond calmly and confidently as they grow.

  • Recommended prior to our puppy class
  • Perfect for students 8 to 20 weeks old!
  • No maximum students! The more, the merrier!

What we will learn and do:

  • Dos and Don’ts of socialization
  • Exposure does not equal socialization
  • Introducing your puppy to new stimuli
  • General puppy help and guidance
  • Field trips and outings!

First Step Foundation Class

First step foundation class is where the magic happens! This class piggybacks on our Pawsitive beginnings socialization class to begin teaching behaviors with a strong foundation. We go beyond the basics of sit and down and focus on concepts that set you and your puppy up for success going into the future. Using scientifically proven techniques, we focus on teaching your dog behaviors that are desired and then positively reinforcing those wanted behaviors to make them stronger.

  • Perfect for students 8 weeks to 6 months old
  • Max 6 students
  • Prerequisite: Pawsitive Beginnings Socialization Class

What we will learn and do:

  • How your dog learns
  • Behaviors to promote less excitability
  • Foundation for polite behavior
  • Loose leash walking
  • Recall & free
  • Mat work (stay/place)
  • Much more!

Second Step Skills Class

Second step skills class is geared toward those students that have completed our first step foundation class. You have developed a great foundation, and now it is time to build up and out! This class will continue to appropriately challenge your growing puppy’s ability to focus and learn. In other words, we keep our expectations in check while setting you up for success!

  • Max 6 students
  • Prerequisite: First Step Foundation Class

What we will learn and do:

  • How your puppy’s brain is changing
  • Preparing for adolescence and what that means
  • Expanding on your foundations
  • Heel
  • Leave It
  • Polite Greetings
  • Building Reliability
  • Field trips & outings!
  • Real world application of foundation behaviors

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