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Your pet’s experiences with us are extremely crucial in the success of their program, therefore we do everything in a positive and compassionate way. Thank you so much for your kind words and for making us a part of your family.

Phil K.

Great place to take your pet for rehab.very knowledgeable and friendly.our gracie is walking again thanks to their working with her.she had a stroke and was down in rhe back but now can walk on her own.😀


Carol G.

Genuinely concerned expert, affordable help for your pet who needs rehabilitation and physical therapy. Indy Pet Core vet & therapists explain clearly and honestly what your pet needs and what’s to be done. Can’t say how great it is to have a resource like this available!

Tina B.

#1 choice in dog training hands down!!! Chelsea is an amazing trainer that ensures you have a complete understanding for concepts and how to best work with your dog at all levels. This facility always is continuing education of staff to be sure they are up to date with the most relevant information in training the most effective and positive way, driving the best results for you and your dog. They are so great they even work with Boone County Law Enforcement. A++

Rachel B.

We had a good experience with the trainer, Chelsea. She was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful throughout the training process.

John M.

The therapist let me know daily how she was doing and sent documentation and video! They cared and it showed. Delilah was excited to go and loved every minute of it!

Rebel A.

The staff is superb, very attentive to your animal’s needs!!


Kristin S.

Great training of both pups and peeps!! Clicker training is fantastic!


Keith W.

We went through puppy training about a year ago and I’m extremely glad we did. It’s extremely obvious that if we didn’t, I would have my hands full of issues. I have a super hyperactive dog but because of the training he’s well behaved. Highly recommend everyone to take their pup to get properly trained! Will pay off 10000% for the rest of your pup’s life!

Rena Z.

I feel so lucky to have met Dr. Matt and Megan Cantrell today. What they are doing is revolutionary and truly amazing. Cleo is one of my babies and she is 3 years old. Cleo has suffered four knee surgeries already and has bilateral posterior knee ACL repairs planned for April. She is terrified of everyone and everything. She at baseline is very nervous and snaps at everyone. They were able to provide a stress free environment so she could perform her PT. I just requested 10 sessions for another one of my babies for weight loss. I feel so blessed to have their care available. Thank you Indy Pet Core!!!

Nikki T.

Simply the best in care.

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