Titus was first seen at his referral veterinary hospital in July of 2019 for limping on his right front limb. The veterinarian suspected that he had an injury, called biceps tenosynovitis, or a carpal (wrist) issue, so they recommended strict rest for 2 weeks with pain medication, and if no improvement after that, radiographs would be recommended. He started limping on his left front limb in October of that same year.

After taking radiographs in January of 2020, it was determined that he had left medial coronoid malformation with mild degenerative change, left biceps tenosynovitis and mild arthritis of his carpi (wrists). Rehabilitation therapy was recommended to aid in pain relief, and build muscle in his front limbs. Titus started coming to therapy in February of 2020. When he first started, he was non-weight bearing to toe-touch weight bearing. His therapy included utilizing modalities such as our therapeutic ultrasound, underwater treadmill, and our therapeutic equipment. He was nervous when he first started, nervous to perform on our balance equipment, and even to get into our underwater treadmill. After earning his trust (and giving him his favorite treats!), he was ready to work hard!


He gradually increased his time in the underwater treadmill, performed various land exercises, such as army crawls and push-ups, and, of course, worked hard at his home exercises! While pursuing therapy, he still needed a little help, and received a steroid injection into his left shoulder in March. Weeks after his injection, Titus was still limping on his left front limb, so in April, his referral veterinarian decided to give another steroid injection, this time into his left elbow. After this second injection and continuously pursuing therapy twice weekly, Titus was full weight bearing by May of 2020!

Titus graduated from therapy on May 15, 2020, but decided to continue coming to therapy once monthly for maintenance to keep up his pain relief and muscle tone. We are happy to report that he is still not limping in his front limbs, and is keeping up with his home exercises! We are so proud of him, and his family!